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TIP! To get teeth that are very clean, make sure you use a toothbrush that has soft bristles as well as one that fits your mouth. After you have finished brushing, set the toothbrush out and allow it to air dry to prevent bacteria from growing.

Oral hygiene is something that should be given consideration every day. If you neglect your mouth, it could cost you quite a bit of money to fix things. Use the following guide to make sure you’re caring for yourself properly.

TIP! Visit your dentist at least two times a year, or follow your dentist’s recommendation. Regular dentist visits will help prevent serious dental issues in the future.

If you are concerned about going to the dentist, research local dentists. Look at reviews on the best dentists in your area. This helps you feel more comfortable throughout your cleaning and other dental procedures.

You need to allow your toothbrush to air dry out before using it again so that bacteria won’t build up. Store it upright position with plenty of circulation.

Gum Disease

TIP! Never chew ice. As you chew chunks of ice, your teeth may crack.

Bleeding gums are a possible indicator of gum disease, which could become a major issue if left untreated. Gum disease can lead to infections, tooth loss, diabetes, and bone loss.

TIP! Be sure to see your dentist regularly. You should be scheduling visits twice a year (once every six months) in order to maintain your teeth and catch any problems before they become to serious.

If you have bad breath and cotton mouth, prescription medications could be the culprit. If your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva, then discomfort and cavities can occur. Talk to your doctor so you can figure out whether or not your medication is causing your dry mouth. If that’s the case, you may be able to switch medications. If it isn’t, you should then ask your dentist for advice on how to keep your mouth moist.

TIP! Don’t make it a habit of brushing your teeth too quickly. Many people brush, but rush through it.

Brush a number of times a day to prevent cavities. If you’re not able to brush for some reason after you eat, chewing a piece of sugarless gum is a good alternative.

Don’t chew on ice.Be careful when you eat popcorn and nuts since they will effect your teeth too.

TIP! To promote healthy teeth that will last a lifetime, avoid smoking cigarettes. Smoking not only discolors your teeth, it also causes an excessive build up of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

You can wear lipstick to camouflage your teeth color. Light red or medium coral shades are going to have your teeth look much whiter than they are. Lighter shades of lipstick have an opposite effect. Your teeth might appear somewhat yellow even when they are white!

Use approximately 20 inches to clean your mouth. There needs to be close to an inch of floss available for …

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